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Om Sai Master!



We salute to Paramatma Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and Sadguru SriBharadwaja Master Garu.

     If we feed someone who is hungry,  we can satisfy his/her appetite just once only. If we give away Shirdi Sai Baba Charitra knowledge to our fellow human beings,  we can lead a happy, prosperous, noble, satisfied and purposeful life.

      Truly  we  whole heartedly feel that, we, our children and also the whole humanity should lead fully satisfied, prosperous, peaceful and happy life. In spite of working hard for a fully satisfied living, we always strive for minimum needs.  At times,  we are loaded  with ample of riches yet  we suffer from diseases.  Even though we have riches and good health,  we  mentally suffer for one reason or the other and spend unpeaceful, sleepless days and nights.  That is to say,  we roll our day with a little happiness and more unpleasant moments.
     The reason,  Sages say,  That the evil nature in human being is the only main cause of  all the unrest in human society.  Because of these vices, humans are behaving harmfully.  Even  if they know that their behavior is harming the society and in the long run, it  harms them too,  they are not able to change their behavior for reasons that
are unknown to them but  known to Maharishis, which says that it is all because of strong imprints of habituated behaviors caused by vices.  He him self will  not  be able to overcome from those imprints and cannot mould him self eventhough he really wants to mould after knowing the bad effect of the vices. So the human need more to help him to come out of this phenomena.
     After great research, our Maharishis invented a formula,  a process to  create noble human society, where all persons live with happiness and divine bliss, and the society without any problems and unrest.  The bad qualities of human beings like jealousy,hatred, selfishness, egoism and supremacy  are disturbing the peace and happiness of a human being and in the human society causing sleepless painful living.
If by any means  we could  eliminate these bad qualities in humans  and replace them with virtues like love, kindness, tolerance, sacrifice and philanthropy,  the behavior of human beings  will surely change.  He will elevate as a  noble person who lives with happiness leading to divine bliss. He will never harm the society and  help others also
to elevate like him.
     So, if we want a noble society where everybody lives with happiness experiencing divine bliss without any problems,  we have to do something to change every human being. We have to eliminate vices and replace them with virtues in every human being.  More the virtues in  humans, more is the  happiness in the  world. We have to do something to achieve  a noble society. After great research, maharishis came to know  the wonderful quality of human mind. The mind is always thinking about   something. Whenever it thinks, it becomes  one with that about which it is thinking.
      Maharishis came to know that the human mind is the only tool to mould a person. Using this nature of the mind, the Maharishis invented a formula.   That is If a person always thinks about vices, he becomes a  selfish person and  if he always thinks of
virtues,  he will become a noble person. So,  the Maharishis say  that we should
 always think of  a person who is already elevated  as a  noble person filled with  love, affection,  kindness, tolerance, sacrifice anddivine bliss for the purpose of moulding  the society.
     Therefore, who is the person who elevated as a  noble man and where is
he?  You know! you know! He is SHIRDI SAI BABA.  The Supreme Being, Paramatma,  the God,  the Paramatma  incarnated as Dattatreya Swamy and sacrificed and who  gave himself to the welfare of humanity.    His divine ‘Avatar’ is only to mould ourselves as He is to elevate us as the supreme being whose state would experience divine bliss and happiness.
      The cause and motto of Datta Prabhu is for that purpose only. For the same
reason only,  there is no end to Dattatreya avatar. He  always lives in the human society in the form of  His divine incarnations and always works to mould us as noble persons. So we choose Datta Prabhu to achieve  creation of noble human society.
So we have to introduce SHIRDI SAI BAABA to every human being to mould
the world into a  noble human society.  Why we choose only Shridi Sai
Baba?  Why should we introduce Shirdi Sai Baba only?
     The reason is simple. We are thinking of moulding the whole humanity.  Because
everybody accepts Shridi Sai Baba as a great noble human and also as a divine personality. Dattatreya Swamy  had incarnated as Paripoorna Dattaavataara in the
form of Shirdi Sai Baba as an acceptable way to all humans. Nobody knows about Baba’s birth details. He was first seen as a 16 year- old  lad in Shirdi sitting under a neem tree.  So, Shirdi Sai Baba never belonged to or possessed any nationality, religion, cult, cast or creed. Baba is above all this so that he is acceptable to everybody to worship as a great saint of their own.
     Considering all this,  even though, all incarnations of lord Dattatreya possess the same divine state, we choose to introduce Shirdi Sai Baba to total humanity to mould the human as a noble person and to create a noble human society. We have to make a request and explain all this to remember Shirdi Sai Baba for sometime daily.
All people, continuing their national, religious, cultural and family traditions withoutany break, should also do daily devotional reading of SHIRDI SAI BABA CHARITRA to remember Baba for some time daily. Sure it will do wonders. The noble human society will come true. Shrdi Sai Baba possessed  great noble qualitie.  He lived with showering love and affection. He was kind enough and worked hard for the fellow humans.  He possessed nothing. He  used to distribute money and  everything
to the society and would himself remain empty handed. He possessed  all virtues.
If we read His life history or remember his great human and divine qualities, our mind will always engage thinking about Baba. When it thinks and remembers Baba, it becomes one with Sai. The mind possesses  noble and divine qualities and in due course of time,  it prints the qualities on our consciousness that is our “Anthahakarana”- the place where the seeds of our vices and virtures gets stored.  Whenever the mind thinks of Baba, it eliminates the vices from our consciousness and fills  virtures in it. In due course of time, the bad qualities, the vices  exit from our
“Anthahakarana” and it all fills with Baba’s noble and divine qualities. In this process,  whenever we think about Baba, the human behavior changes slowly from hatred to love and affection, from selfishness to sacrifice, from bad qualities to Noble and divine qualities. 
    Gradually,  the noble, divine qualities dominate the human behavior and the vices become weak. The more people tranform like this, more peace in the society. This leads to a very, very peaceful society. The very simple formula, and he very simple quality of mind, the very simple effort, spending few minutes in a day thinking the
noble and divine saint gives us noble human society. Don’t neglect  this thinking that the days passess as usual and our life will come to an end, the death will come. You beloved human, please note that our life doesn’t end with our death. Because of our devotion to Baba, we will take rebirth surely as human being only. Again we will come to live in the same society only. If at that time,  the society is filled  with more evil and unrest, we will  have to lead  a more difficult life with our beloved children again.  If we want to live in a peaceful society in future and in our future births, we will  have to put in more effort to make people close to Shirdi Sai Baba.  Please consider it as a must.  We love our children a lot. They are everything for us. We cannot leave them in a
society filled with evil and unrest.  At the time of out death also,  we think about our children’s welfare. We cannot even die leaving our children in worst living conditions leaving them in an evil and unrest society. So considering  the welfare of our children, we have to make an effort to take more and more humans close to Baba. It is a must.
With our full effort,  we should work to mould the society as a noble human society and then only let us exit temporarily from the earth. So let us once more remember this work, that is,  making humans  go near shirdi sai baba who is Paripoorna Dattatreaya avatara. This is the only noble work we can do to our self to our children and to the human society generations to come. This is the only help we can do to our
self and to our children and to the human.  Please I request you with great concern to consider this as your own concern fo r the noble effort. I am doing this work regularly for many years. I am distributing  Shirdi Sai Charitra Books to many people in the society every day.  If you like this SAI BABA MOVEMENT and are interested to create a NOBLE HUMAN SOCIETY and  if you want  to extend  your helping hand with some financial support,  please

Always in Sai smaran
Mannava Satyam.

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